Vacation Time

Hello all! It’s that time again!  This week is the last chance you have to sexy up your holes!  I’ll be abroad from September 7th - 21st and I’ll be back in to the shops starting on the 27th. If u need or have a piercing emergency you can see one of my very capable colleagues at Mom’s tattoo on Haight st. in SF. Thanks for everything. I’ll miss you. 


Price increase.

Hello all. Starting July 15th my service prices will be increasing. Due to increased cost within the industry and other required costs the service fee for piercing will be raised slightly. I pride myself on offering the best quality service and jewelry at an affordable price. The new prices still reflect that. Jewelry prices will NOT be raised just the service fee. The choice to do this was not taken lightly. Thank you all for your support and patronage.


Out of town again

Hey everyone!  Just a heads up, I’ll be out of town the 7th, 8th, and 9th. So I won’t be back to the San Bruno location till the 14th. Regular day at the SF location though. 

Out of town

Hey people. I will not be at either shop this week as I will be out of town. Be back next week. Happy piercings!  Keep em clean! 

Out of town till march 11th

I kno it's been a while since I posted anything but just a heads up. I'll be out of town until march 11. If u have any piercing emergencies please visit my coworkers at Moms Body Shop in SF on Haight st.  

 Mexico Riviera bound! 

Mexico Riviera bound! 

Early day on Thursday

Hi piercing lovers!!  I'll be leaving early Thursday about 5 pm incase your thinking about coming by. If u don't make it in time I'll be back on Friday normal hours. 


Black Sabbath

It's gonna be an early day for me. I'll only be at the shop today till 4pm.  

 The original lineup

The original lineup

Out of the shop today

Unfortunately I won't be at the shop today, for personal reasons but I will be back tomorrow (8/12). Sorry for any inconvenience.   Thanks for understanding.  

Vacation time!!

Ok everybody, tomorrow is my last day piercing till Aug. 4th. So come by and get your fix before its to late!  I'll be out of town with very limited internet. Let's get it done!   

 Open ocean bound!! 

Open ocean bound!! 

Now carrying HOCL

The newest all natural aftercare spray for your piercing!!!!!   Come get your bottle today


Navel Jewelry options

Ok ladies! Tell me your favorite navel jewelry! Keep in mind the colors can be changed to a large array of colors for both the bar and the gem! Comment your favorite design!! 


Gloomy day?

Bummed about the gloomy day?  Come by Jay's and brighten it up with a fancy new piercing!!! You know you want to!


Our phones broken!



The phone company broke our phone!  we need to get a hold of us just email us at or at

Happy Holidays!!

I will be at Jay's xmas eve day till about 4 or 5. We will be closed on xmas but then I'll be right back at it on the 26th. So come by and lavish yourself with you newly aquired xmas casholla!!!  Got some new @neometal in stock and some @industrialstrength on the way. Should be here soon 


Happy turkey day!!

Enjoy your birds!  I'll see you on Friday!! 



Sorry Haloweeners

I won't be in the shop today. I'm not feeling well. Hope you all have a great Halloween!! 

We're open today!! Don't be fooled

Despite all the damn construction, we are open today so come by and get it done!!! P.s. Just park down the street a bit.  


Happy Labor Day

I'll be poking holes a day M's Body shop on Haight st. in SF. Come thru and get your labor piercings!!


Vacation time!

Ok everybody, noes the time to come get your piercing on.  I'll be on vacation to beautiful Alaska from the 21st through the 31st of July. So get your fix in before its to late!!  See you all when I get back. Peace.  

 Alaskan piercings

Alaskan piercings